../ Some little Secrets

A sequel designer might have been inspired by Judge Death from the Judge Dredd comics, when he made the royal demon hunter armor. -lali

For this early concept, the place of resurrection (german: Erweckungsplatz) Ralf Marczinczik was inspired by "Die Toteninsel" by Arnold Böcklin (1827-1901). -odin68

In the beginning they used Quake levels for testing purposes. -Vaana

A fan found out that there are many parallels between the 27th episode ("Strafkolonie") from 3th March 1994 of the radio play "Der letzte Detektiv" (by Michael Koser) and GOTHIC (2001). Read more about his findings here.

Kai Rosenkranz (KaiRo) was part of a clan with the acronym "KSO", which can be seen in the night sky texture of Gothic Vanilla.

Tool fans in the team? Might be intentional,
might be not, but I couldn't oversee it. -lali

Don-Esteban found this armor which was most likely the model for the engraving on the armor of Gomez' and/or the king respectively.

We expect the inscription on this sword texture to be:
For a short life we hail Gomez.

Hidden Orcish Messages

As seen above, Mike had developed an orcish alphabet in the design process of Gothic. A fan created a font out of it. The following Messages you can find inside the game, they were translated by Flatcher Goth:

The above runes say: "Gateway".

These signs say: "Peace".

Here is written: "Beware".

And here: "Gefahr".

On this orcish weapon is written: "Horst".

And these runes on the english Cover say: Action Adventure Game.

Handbook Easteregg

When you examine the german handbook cover and look carefully, you will see a message, I cannot decipher everything, but: "Magier sollen sich am Eingang zum...", which means: "Mages should ... themselves at the entrance." -lali

Cheat Mode

In Gothic you activate the Cheat-Mode by typing 'Marvin' inside the character screen. Marvin is also the name of a Cut NPC from the Alpha. You deactive the Cheat-Mode by typing '42' inside the character screen, which is the answer of the Supercomputer from 'The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy'. And when deactivated, a text is printed: "What was the question?"

You can find the cheat codes here.