Gothic Archive

20th Anniversary Special

../ Gothic Music

by Kai 'KaiRo' Rosenkranz

Unused Pre-Alpha Tracks (first release)

NOTE: This section includes music made for GOTHIC that was never released before. We release it by courtesy of KaiRo himself and approval of THQ. More about that inside the .txt attached to the music inside the archive, if you download it.

Pre-Alpha Music (0.56c and 0.64b)

Beta Music (Christmas Edition 1.01)

Unused Beta Tracks

GOTHIC OST (Release Version)

[Full] Soundtrack roughly ordered according to the
planned occurence in the course of the game

by flosha

Note: This is not a full list yet, there may be several tracks missing that are present only ingame and were not part of any official release. Send them to us if you want to help.

Bonus Tracks