Gothic Demo Walkthrough


Right after the intro You will find Yourself at the shore of a lake. In front of You is a guy named Diego. (The name will be in the Focus. Means You can see his name above his head)
Go to him and
talk to him. He will offer to join You on Your way to the Old Camp. Then he will run towards the Old Camp so follow him.

Once in a while he will stop. Just talk to him again. He won't hurt You. At the first gate the game will play another cutscene (camera will move and You will loose control over Your character for a while. Do not worry noone can hurt You during these cutscenes). Then Diego will run to a mine that is blocked up.

Diego will stop there and ask You to get a weapon. Go up the path and then over the bridge to the left to get a worn-out-sword. Get it and go back to Diego. Talk to him again. He will lead You further downhill.

After a few steps there might be a Creature on the way. It is a scavenger. If  it is there Diego will give You an apple and tell You that You either can fight or try to fool the monster with the apple. To fool it throw the apple at the monster. But you can also fight the monster directly. equip the weapon first, toggle to fighting mode and start to attack it. If you’ve killed the Scavenger, go back to Diego. If the Scavenger killed You, press DEL (a cheat-key in this demo) to live again, and give it a second try.

Talk to Diego and he will lead You further downhill where you will encounter two bandits that will be persuaded by Diego to let go.
This is where Diego leaves.

Go towards the Old Camp and talk to the guards at the bridge. They won't be friendly, but that's not their job.
Go to the main gate of the Old Camp. Again talk to the guards and enter the Old Camp.

After the next cutscene a guy will come up to You and ask You for Your sword if You have one. Either You give him Your sword or You can fight him. If You talk to Grim later in the game he will explain his behaviour.

Whatever decision You made, Thorus will come up to You and will greet You.
If You talk to him he will offer You a mission. He
will ask you to beat up Mordrag. Mordrag is a bandit and can be found at the marketplace.
Turn right and go round the castle to a huge roofed area. Go to Mordrag and talk to him or beat him up right away. If You talk to him he will offer You a deal.
After this go back to Thorus and talk to him. If You saved Mordrag's face he will give You a second chance. So go back and hit him. DO NOT KILL HIM.

After you did so Thorus will offer You a second mission. He asks You to go to Ian who can be found next to the Old Mine. There You shall ask Ian for a List.
Because You do not know how to get there, turn around and find a guy named Graham. He is one of the miners.
He will offer to give You a map for a piece of steel.

So make Your way to the smith Huno. Turn left from the entrance, go round the castle and pass the arena. You will find Huno the smith there. Talk to him and he will tell You that he needs ore. You do not have any, so go and get some.
No one will give it to You for nothing... (steal it,
open chests, kick some ass...) Give the ore to Huno and he will give You the steel. For the steel You will get the map.

Wow. This is a huge world. And there You can see the Old Mine.

Run to the Old Mine and talk to Ian. Take the list and go back to Thorus. Now have a look around the Old Camp.

Turn to the right and You can find Sly. He will tell You a bit about the Shadows. Go on and You will meet Herek. Talk to him and he will try to hit You. Kick his ass.
Then talk to Bloodwyn. If You give him 3 ore he will protect You.
Stay on the path and talk to Dusty. Give him some food and he will give You some information. Go to the marketplace. There You can find Canthar. Talk to him and to Gravo.

Then talk to Fisk and he will offer You some armor.
If You give Bruce what he asks for he will give You a hint where to find a key. Use the key and go to the hut and open the chest.
Dexter will offer You a sword. If You buy it be careful since it is Jackals sword and he will want it back. Leave the marketplace.
At the corner You can find Whistler. Talk to him and You will probably get Yourself an axe. Continue Your way.
Talk to Ryan and then to Fox. Both will talk about the same business in a different way.
Continue Your way to the smith. Next to the arena You can find Jackel.

Go on to Guy. The path will guide You through his hut. This a thing he does not like at all.

Then You will be witness as Fletcher asks Jesse for protection money. Since Jesse does not have the ore Jesse will come to You and will try to get the ore from You. After You made Your decision talk to Fletcher.

Go to Snaf. He is just cooking something, but he is short of Meatbugs. Go get him 3 Meatbugs (smallest Monsters in game). In return he will give You meatbugragout.
Talk to Mud. You have to hit him to get rid of him again.

Ok and talk to Fingers, Scatty and to Kirgo to get some useful information.

And that’s all we’ve prepared for this demo…