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(Textures by Uwe Meier)

Watermage light and heavy Firemage light Demon Mage hooded and unhooded Orebaron 2 Orebaron 2b Orebaron 3 Orebaron 3b Orebaron 3b v2 Orebaron Uwe Meier 3 Orebarons Harpy vs. Orebaron v2 Harpy vs. Orebaron v3 Orc Shaman Digger medium Digger light Shadow A Shadow B Guard light Guard medium Guard heavy Guard medium 2 not yet refined Mercenary heavy Mercenary medium Mercenary light Organisator medium Organisator light Scraper light Guru heavy Guru medium Novice medium Novice light Templar medium Templar light Naked Mesh Hero Early Ore Armor Naked Mesh Texture Variations C0 Naked Mesh Texture Variations C1 Naked Mesh Texture Variations C2 Naked Mesh Texture Variations C3 Xardas, Orc Warrior, Gorn, Velaya Xardas, Orc Warrior, Gorn, Velaya v2