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-       I can't start Gothic

-       Gothic crashes during playing

-       I can't change options in the menu

-       sound problems

-       graphic problems

-       problems in the game

-       publisher contact







I can't start Gothic:





Update the driver of your graphic card


for example:


TNT2/GeForce -Reihe


ATI -Karten






I have an Ati Radeon graphic card and Gothic doesn't start up:


Install the patch version 1.08k:


Many users of Gothic bought the new Radeon 8500\7500 and GeForce 3 and other cards after the release of Gothic.

That caused several problems under Win98. We worked out a solution and now we

released a patch (version 1.08k) for Gothic! With the Ati-driver 4.13.7191 for

Win 98 Gothic (GeForce 3 : runs properly on our systems. This patch works for both versions:

german and englisch.


You can find the patch here:


the new drivers for the ATI cards you can find here:



My savegame doesn't work anymore:


Maybe you're running a corrupted savegame. Please try to load an older savegame, that doesn't crash.

To avoid a corrupted savegame, your Character shouldn't carry too much in his Inventory. This often causes this problem. Drop as much as you can in the game.



Suddenly I have german speech in my English Gothic:


You installed a German patch. Your game has the version number 1.08j. It is probably newer than the one, you installed.


Otherwise, reinstall Gothic, after you made a backup of your savegames and copy it into the new installed Gothic folder at Gothic\Saves!!!!!


I can't play Gothic on my Laptop:


Notebookgraphiccards are not supported.


I bought a broken CD.


contact our publisher -> see "publisher contact"!






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Gothic crashes during playing.





virtual memory:


Rraise the virtual memory FIX to minimum 800 MB. NOT managed by windows!!! This will probably work much better!


Update your graphic card drivers:


for example:











Update your mainboard drivers:


for example:


via 4in1:



Sound system:



Try to deactivate the sound to find out, if the sound makes trouble!









if it still doesn't start up, it's not the sound system.



Change the soundprovider in the sound settings to MILES 2d!



Update your drivers for your soundcard.


for example:







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I can't change options in the menu:






I changed the resolution, but nothing happened:


You only have to press RETURN after you changed the settings.


The same thing you have to do with:


Change graphiccard

Change soundprovider



You always find a hint in the lower section of the menu.






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My sound stucks or I don't hear a thing:


Try another Soundprovider. EAX in some cases is unstable. Change the Provider to the less critical 2d Miles Provider!




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Graphic problems:





I see nothing but a white or in-colored display:


Maybe it is a problem of fog representation of your graphiccard. Turn it off: With cards of the manufacturer NVidia (esp. TNT, TNT2, GeForce) the " Fog Table emulation " must be activated in the driver settings. You find it at the settings of the card: GeForce - Additional Properties - in Windows "system control - display - Direct3D Settings" (or similarly) a checkmark at the entry " Enable Fog Table emulation" or in the file Gothic.ini in the directory Gothic\System\. Set:




The videos run incorrectly or not at all:

Possibly your system is working at full capacity. Check this out : Open the status screen (key " S " or " B ") type MARVIN and press RETURN. Then you press ESC. Open the console with F2. Type "PLAY VIDEO INTRO". Now the INTRO has to run correctly. In that case, your system seems to use too much resources and you should close all programs running in the background.





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Problems in the game:





I need a hint to go on.

Many cheats, hints and tricks you find at our fan page:


Baal Lukor doesn't follow me any more:

Open the status screen (key " S " or " B ") type MARVIN and press RETURN. Then you press ESC. Now open you the console by pressing F2. Type " INSERT LUKOR_BUGFIXBOOK " and RETURN. Then you see a book in front of you! Read it! Then you talk to Lukor. Choose END in the dialog! Now Baal Lukor should follow you again!

"The gate stucks" What now?

The Gate, it s(t)ucks! That shouldn't happen, but the only thing you can do is to cheat.


Open the status screen (key " S " or " B ") type MARVIN and press RETURN. Then you press ESC.. Go to the Gate and press the Key "K". Sounds! You're on the other sight of the Gate.


I'm an animal or monster and can't change myself back to human.



I'm dead and saved the game. What now?


When you're dead:

Open the status screen (key " S " or " B ") type MARVIN and press RETURN, then press ESC. you are now in cheat mode. Press F8 and you live again!


I always transfer 10 items at one time while trading:


Deactivate CAPSLOCK at your keyboard.

How to save my savegames:

Copy the whole SAVES-directory!


What about the saves of the demo? May I use them for the full version, too?


No! That is not possible unfortunately. In the savegame all characters and monsters are missing, which are not contained in the demo.





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