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NEW: Gothic Trailer

Powerful Heroes, Terrifying Monsters, Dark Locations ... Check out the movie right here!

Gothic - The Comic

The comic is set in sinister times and acts as a kind of prologue to the computer game. It goes without saying that the design is determined by the gothic (!) medieval fantasy style of the game.

New Screenshots

Curious? If you want to know what the Gothic-world looks like, check here.

GOTHIC the card

In our search for the 4 official models - the GOTHIC GIRLS, we`ve put GOTHIC on a "card" in more than 2,900 Pubs & Restaurants. Can`t find any near you? Just send one online through the EDGAR ONLINE POSTAMT. If you are interested in participating in the model contest, or you know someone that definitely should take part, you`ll find more information here.

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